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SM be falling apart this year yo. Shoutout to all the little girls who have been in denial all these years about their shoddy business practices and questionable treatment of their talent. They’ve always cared more about money than yr oppars and yr unnirs. Saddest thing is that even as all these established groups fall apart there’s still plenty of young people looking to become idols. Unless some criminal investigation into some of those more troubling rumours actually happens (which it won’t because you can do bullshit like SM do when you’ve got money), they’re going nowhere.

“But I can’t do nothing about this gigantic capitalist machine!”
Stop giving them money! Stop buying SM merch!
Stop giving them free publicity! Stop blogging about SM artists!

I know it’s hard, but all they care about is their stock prices and bank funds.  Hit ‘em where it hurts ‘em. Even if it changes nothing, at least you’ll have your dignity.


enlarged four year old child

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I’d just like to remind everyone that this is not the first time a member of f(x) has suddenly vanished under mysterious circumstances in the middle of a promo cycle. #mrboogie #anklegate #neverforget2k10 

"During this, the rift between Sulli and SM grew deeper. It’s said that the conflicts between the two exploded over the issue of the repackaged album. An issue arose during the process of selecting the follow-up song, and ultimately, Sulli asked to leave the group."

This sounds like the sort of thing that a powerful group would say about a less powerful person in order to cover-up something they’ve done while simultaneously discrediting the other party. Not saying that something’s really off here, I’m just saying that something’s really off here.

So, uh, like, what happened to f(x)?

What has f(x) been up to anyways? Oh, right, nothing nvm.