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A little late to this party I know, but 10 A+ superchill coolios to Amber for standing up for Sulli. I could write a whole bunch here about that guy- that fucking guy- basically being representative of absolutely everything I hate about the K-pop fandom but why bother. One thing that is positive about f(x) coming and going on a yearly basis is that you notice how much they have changed over that period of time. What I’ve seen so far of this promotional round is that the members are considerably emotionally warmer toward one another. I don’t know if they’re maturing and getting along better, or if they’re just improving that vital idol skill of hiding their feuds. It’s strange that f(x) have been around for almost four fucking years and two of them aren’t even in their twenties yet. Too bad that song and video are garbage.

3:43 am: o i see everyone’s most least favourite anti-black person brigade of psychohomos have remembered that their electropop group license is up for yearly renewal and they have to prove that they can pretend to care about moving in a coordinated rhythm to beatz that s.m. bought at an early-2010s era pop music yard sale from some scandinavian blokes who fancy themselves a roaming band of young max martins except they can’t make it in america. how many kenzie songs will be on this album (hopefully zero)? though forever the f(uckers) crossed their fingers and vocalized aloud to their amber posters, ‘if this album is nothing but twelve renditions of mr. boogie i would be so happy’ and then they downed a bottle of milk tea and spent the rest of the night in a caffeine- and sugar-induced hallucination in which they hatched a plan to kidnap shinee and that they would gleefully spend the rest of their lives in prison to just have one f(x) comeback without a worthless collaboration between the two because it wasn’t cute in 2009 and it still isn’t cute almost four years later. holy shit, almost four fucking years? i could have written three paragraphs of a book in that time (this is self-parody). if krystal had read some kant for that art film that would have been so glorious. “dere can be no doubt dat all our knowledge begins wid experience.” how’d that japanese debut work out anyway? oh right…

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[LEAK] Amber’s rap from f(x)’s forthcoming comeback single.

Shit’s starting to get srs.